Several years ago while in my SUV I got a flat on I80 at 11:30pm on New Years Eve. I wasn't about to make the attempt of changing it on the berm as trucks flew by so I used my emergency road service. Around 1:30 in the morning the tow truck showed up driven by the owner of the tow company and he gave me an education how emergency road service works. The gentleman stated 99% of emergency road service is contracted to 2 companies who have call centers, so when you call in they pinpoint your location then do a call around to find the cheapest tow company. In my case he said he took the call from his house, gave the guy the price, and was told he might get a call back. After he hung up he said to his wife, some poor *** is sitting on a berm along 80 this late of night and the call center is calling around the the best price. About 45 minutes later he got the call to come to my aide. He also told me for what its worth AAA is probably the best to use compared to all others. Thank God I haven't needed it since.