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Thread: Daytime Running Light Color (Amber or White)

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    Quote Originally Posted by lkchris View Post
    No, you don't want yellow for anything.
    Please elaborate.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lkchris View Post
    To learn about lighting join Candlepower Forums.

    It's mostly flashlights, but has a good "transportation" section.

    Daniel Stern often linked

    No, you don't want yellow for anything.
    Okay, without having to spend the time there to find out why not yellow/amber,

    clue us in please, this should get interesting

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    I donít get his statement either. Yellow is the best color for fog lights and show well in the daylight.

    Daniel Stern was pretty good in Home Alone.
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    I know he's talking about Daniel Stern Lighting but IIRC, back when the site was up to date, Stern always recommended staying with warmer (ie yellower) lighting than cooler (bluer) lighting for the reduction in glare and enhancement of contrast, and specifically called for yellow fogs... So I'm at a loss too.

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    Amber or yellow auxiliary lights(the ONLY color other than white allowed to project forward) will always stand out better in a sea of oncoming white headlights or other daytime running lights than white auxiliary lights. That is what you are trying to accomplish.


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    Yellow makes you a lot more visible than just white. My k1300GT had white running light bulbs(the little ones) in it. I changed them over to amber bulbs and it looks like what people in the USA expect a motorcycle to look like from the front. Wife has a Honda Shadow that i changed the turn signals over to the Harley bullet style with LED inserts. The amber signals that work as running lights in the front stand out. You can see her coming a mile away. They almost look like fog lights. My Harley with the same signals has white LED with amber signal. It's not as noticeable as her amber running lights.

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