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Thread: Ural bikes and parts

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    Ural bikes and parts

    I just read a thread referenced from an email blast on ADV.
    Of course it went right to a political melee but the gist of it was the problems in Europe are affecting both the Ural motorcycles and the parts.
    If you need parts, probably a good time to start rooting around for what you may need.
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    Only about 20% of Ural parts are made in Russia, and although the production of Ural motorcycles has ceased the factory continues to make parts (as of a week or so ago). Two days ago Ural announced plans to move their factory operations to Kazachstan; they posted a video on Instagram of the facility they plan to use for the factory. Unanswered questions regarding a move abound. Will the Russians permit it? Will the staff be free to leave if they wish? How about the tools used to fabricate the metal work? The sidecar is purportedly wade with the same metal stamps as used in the 40s. Hope they can pull it off.
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