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Thread: rim identification help

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    rim identification help

    I'm in the midst of my motorcycle parts archeological dig through all the stuff I didn't have time to get rid of before our move from NY to GA. I need help identifying this aftermarket rim. I have two people who know infinitely more about this (which wouldn't be that hard) thinking it's for a "/2", but they've only seen my pics and description of it. I'll repeat all of that here and hope not to support Einstein's theory of insanity (yeah, I know, he really didn't say it).

    Since I've had a '59 R69, '69 R69S/R75/5 conversion, and a '69R69s/VW Type III sidecar conversion (I miss Gigantor), I'm thinking it must have been for something I wanted to do on one of those beasts. But I'm confused on why someone wrote inside "R50" and maybe the word "rear". Almost sounds like a /5 rim.

    Someone said, "You need to check the spoke hole angle. It may use either a 116mm or 140mm long spoke. Would be either a single or double cross spoke pattern." I think I understand that but I don't have any spokes, anyway.

    The rim is stamped 2.15 x 18", it's 40 spokes, and is an Italian Radaelli rim.

    I'm also having trouble uploading all the images I want but I'll start with this and see how far I can get.

    phil #09135

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    Next upload attempt

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    Still working the pics issue

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    About all I can offer is to look at these pages from RealOEM. The first is for an R50/2 and it does show the 2.15x18 rim and 140mm spokes. The other one is for an R75/5, and the front rim is the same.

    I haven't heard the name of the maker. You might also consider touching base with Buchanan's for help figuring things out.
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    Thanks. Buchanan's sounds like a great idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by psikora View Post
    Thanks. Buchanan's sounds like a great idea.
    Thanks, again. They said it's for a "/2".

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