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Thread: Loud Rear Brake - Need Help

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    Quote Originally Posted by 88bmwjeff View Post
    It does seem like the brake shoes were old. Which, poses a big question. How long to brake shoes last (not miles ridden, but just age of them being installed. Clearly 10-15 years was too old.
    Iím am historically not tough on brakes- or clutches. On the question of aging brake friction materials, I have run both caliper pads and shoes to where the adhesive that hold the friction material releases from its holder way before the actual brake material was worn out. There is no way that I know of on how to gauge the life of the adhesive/bonding agent.
    I do remember shops ďre-liningĒ shoes (riveted shoes).
    Probably most are replacing shoes and pads due to wear and not age.
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    While I am (at least temporarily) no longer riding older bikes, I think 8-10 yrs is probably a good limit. Shoes/pads aren't cheap but having maximum braking power is priceless.
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    With this being a rear brake, which doesn't see all that much use compared to the front, I think it could be given a longer time of service. I really only use my /7 rear for trail braking and mild use when coming to stops...lots of front brake which I have replaced pads/pistons over the years.
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    I went nearly 200K miles on my rear shoes on my 84 R80RT. Sadly when I had to finally replace the shoes, I also had a worn wheel that needed to be replaced. One of the negatives I have with BMW, a drum can't be replaced separately from the wheel on snowflakes. St.

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    Back in the '80s I was riding a then 10 year old R60/5. I found the brakes to be horrible. With advice from Oak Okleshen I meticulously followed the procedure to correctly adjust the front brake. The brakes were still horrible. Smokey Yunnick in Popular Mechanics or Popular Science had written a few bits about brakes, including a few paragraphs about the hardening of aging brake shoe lining material.

    I decided to have the brake shoes on that /5 relined with new friction material at a brake specialist in Kansas City. The new material transformed those brakes from horrible to good. They put to shame the brakes on my next bike - BMW's original anti-lock brakes - the single front disk on an R75/6.

    It is my opinion that old brake shoe lining material hardens over time and loses some of its coeefient of friction. That opinion comes from some faintly remembered old magazine articles and an anecdotal case study of one - two if you count both wheels. YMMV
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    Drum brakes

    Oh lord I remember replacing shoes, trimming shoes to fit, cutting drums, and all the adjustments needed in cars just to make things right. I don't know if shoe material "hardened" over time or just got glazed from heat sometimes from shoes dragging from being adjusted too tight?

    Anyway, I don't miss the antilock BMW brakes. I just got rid of the ATE disc calipers on my 78RS and now have much better Brembos. Now if I could get the gosh darned rear disc brake on the 78 RS to work as well as the old technology drum brake on my 84 R80RT, I would be real happy. Changing from a drum rear brake to disc on the airheads is in my mind the biggest nightmare and waste of effort.

    I got near 200K miles on my drum system, The disc system now has a new disc, pads, been bled a million times and still does not work as well as the drum did at 180K miles. St.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PGlaves View Post
    BMW's original anti-lock brakes - the single front disk on an R75/6.

    Me and my first bike.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 88bmwjeff View Post
    So, I picked up a new set of brake shoes and finally got around to installing them. I didn't have a lot of time today, but I did take the bike for a short 5-10 ride and the rear brake is no longer loud. It does seem like the brake shoes were too old. Which poses a big question. How long to brake shoes last (not miles ridden, but just age of them being installed). It appears that 10-15 years are too old. I didn't think the brake shoe lining would harden that much over time to cause such a loud squeal.
    When replacing the brake shoes was there a lot of brake dust in the drum?If so there was your squeal.
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