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Thread: Georgia Mountain Rally May 6 - Last early bird day

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    Cool Georgia Mountain Rally May 6 - Last early bird day

    Georgia Mountain Rally May 6 to May 8, 2022.
    It's the last day to get Early Bird registration for the Georgia Mountain Rally.
    Early birds Save $20 and are eligible to win a Schuberth C4 Pro Helmet.
    Register here:
    BMW Rider Academy is offering free clinics on site, register and then signup.
    Short video:
    We hope to see you there!

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    Kudos to Ian and the many helpers who hosted the riders from near & far!

    The weather in GA certainly wasn’t up to the standards set by the Fontana Getaway Team, but we’ve ridden in worse!
    We’ll see where we stand a year from now - won’t we all...

    Team HSV CoddiWompling our way to Hiawassee, GA on Friday.

    Mrs Karen after enjoying some good Beef and Veggie chili on Friday nite:

    A nice Slash-5 that you’ll likely see in Springfield, MO!

    A celebrity couple gave a talk about their “Two Wheels Big Life” YouTube ADVentures; Chris & Rich Smith...

    A shot of the various campers at the big crossroads intersection. Our TimeOut camper was one of many....

    We met the Englander chili cook, Ian; we offered moral support as “Close Friends” R&R'd his Final Drive beside our bivouac!

    As is tradition, it’s cook your own choice of protein on Saturday Nite!

    The Live Band on Sat was A-okay, but their amplifier volume was somehow set to Eleven!!!
    Team HSV ate our dinners in the lobby, along with the Guest Speakers and Ian [where U could reasonably talk]....

    Check out the Georgia BMW Riders Facebook page for more Pix!
    I know Ian was taking some pics with a Gimongous camera and lens.
    I’m just reporting a visitor’s Humble Opinion.
    Come join the fun in-person next May.
    There, You’ve been forewarned. U snooze - U lose!

    Happy Trails whenever U can - Ciao!
    HSV-Karen & HSV-Phil
    USN-Ret'd —-&-— USAF-Ret’d

    '09 650GS-twin — '14 K-GT
    '82 R100CS ——— '75 R90S
    '16 R1200RS —-— ’05 Vespa 200L

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