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Thread: GPS POI's websites

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    GPS POI's websites

    For my favorite POI's I have used POI Factory and it still has quite a selection of interesting finds, but many are outdated and they don't seem to update much. Anyone use any thing like this to easily download fav locations to your Garmin?

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    I don't use POI files on my GPS, since I don't plan my routes on the GPS. Storage on the GPS contains only points, routes, or tracks that are likely to be used within a few days. All my planning is done in Basecamp at home or on a Windows netbook on the road.

    Maps on recent Garmins already include most of the places I'd be likely to search for (Gas, food, lodging, recreation, services). With Smartphone Link for recent Navigators and Zumos (and now Drive for the XT), any other place I might be interested in can be Googled easily on a phone and shared with the GPS via Bluetooth.

    Looking at my Basecamp database, I see I have added quite a few POI collections. Total seems to be over 40,000 POI. Some of those are surely outdated, since they are at least eight years old.

    A POI collection of State Nature Preserves has been convenient for planning day rides. The preserves here typically have two or three miles of hiking paths, so they provide good stops on day rides to stretch my legs and maybe have a snack. I still have to check the web for current info, as some of the preserves require special permission for access.

    The only other time I can recall using a POI from a collection was for a Forest Service campground, which I probably could have found with other methods.
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