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Thread: S1000RR with a BMW lithium battery

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    S1000RR with a BMW lithium battery

    Hi Folks

    Anyone know if the BMW Li battery can be charged with an Optimate Li battery charger? BMW implies that their $200 charger will only work with their Li batteries, not those from other manufacturers. Anyone have any experience with the ever so pricey BMW Li battery. My new S1000RR is coming with one so I want to be sure to get the right charger. Thanks


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    I'll get back to you in June after mine is delivered. So, no real experience but batteries are batteries.
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    Canbus and inexpensive control modules are enabling manufacturers to lock customers to even common replacement items like batteries. Audi car management software for example, expects batteries to have an ID and serial number. Audi claims this allows for better battery management and reporting but it also allows them to price a replacement battery at over $400! That’s just BS in my book ...

    I do not know if BMW has gone this route with the S1000, but if it was my bike, i’d run it until the Li battery is toast and then work on replacing it with a common $30 AGM battery from Ebay.
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    As long as the charger does not have a de-sulfation mode, it is OK to use on a Li battery. The de-sulfation mode of some charger/maintainers apply up to 20VDC to cause a lead acid battery to re-absorb the sulphates that accumulate on the lead.plates.

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