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Thread: AL 2nd Sat Ride-2-Eat to Hayden, AL

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    AL 2nd Sat Ride-2-Eat to Hayden, AL

    Phil’s leading another Ride-2-Eat on the Second Saturday in April for those SE riders so inclined. The HSV folks are riding to PORKY’s PRIDE below Hayden, AL (about 1-mile from I-65) at 1128 AL Highway 160.

    My plan involves the Vintage crew enjoying the usual M/C breakfast at the Blue Plate Cafe along Governor’s Drive until ~09:10 before riding south to the Murphy’s Oil gas station down by Walmart for some Supreme no-ethanol Petroleum [ 11610 Memorial Pkwy SW ]. Will depart south ~9:30 and arrive at Porky’s around 11:00 (it’s just 75 miles). So all y’all in the BHM-neighborhood or western GA ought to be able to easily attend in your selected vehicle (4 wheels or 2) up towards Hayden on April 9th. Please send an RSVP so I can inform the BBQ Smokers for expected lunch customers.

    Y’all enjoy these longer days and warmer temps! Ciao, P&K

    Some Garmin waypoints + my route; plan to return thru Cullman and stop at the Goat Island Brewing Co...

    A Garmin Map depicting ride from Huntsville along secondary roads...

    Here’s the store front of Porky’s (mobile truck was parked next door).
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    Saturday started out “pretty chilly” for us softies in Alabama...

    Had about 24 folks for the NAVMC regular breakfast rendezvous at the Blue Plate Cafe; most of the “elderly” drove in...

    Seven ADVenturesome riders rode south from HSV with temps ~44F when we departed from the Murphy’s Gas stop - High-test petrol w/o ethanol - on the Southside of HSV.

    We successfully snaked our way south on mostly country roads 75 miles to Porky’s Place. I randomly picked this place without anyones’ input, but it was generally close to the Birmingham AlaBeemers so “the gang down south had nuthin to bitch about.”

    We managed to attract a few other folks from central AL; eventually there were 11 at our table for lunch ~11:10. This restaurant really got crowded by families as the Noon hour approached. The food was typical southern BBQ, but everyone Really Enjoyed their selection - mine was a Philly Cheese BBQ on delicious French loaf with a heaping pile of fresh-cut shoe-string fries...


    Another view of table with sandwiches standing by...

    Some of the bikes out front...

    As I explained to my peeps, P&K stopped for a beer sampler at Cullman’s “Goat Island Brewing Co” on our way back north by ourselves. Beer was very tasty -

    Further north from Cullman toward HSV is the crossroads of Eva, AL. We also stopped at Fairview...

    FWIW: 14 May 22: Wildflower Restaurant in Mentone, AL.

    Get out there and enjoy your curve carving after a long winter...

    Happy Trails y'all - Ciao!
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    Great reporting Phil.

    I would be so nice to see other clubs catch on to your example.

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