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Thread: Bad fuel pump

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    Bad fuel pump

    I picked up a 2003 F650cs that hadnít been started in about 2 years. After some piddling with it trying to get it started , I ended up pulling the fuel pump out. The whole assembly is a mess, pump, fuel gauge, hoses, everything.The insulation on the wires inside the tank just crumbled and fell all to pieces. I was wondering if anyone has run into this same problem. Can you buy the whole assembly, and where might be the best/cheapest place to do so? Thanks for any help!

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    I bet is has been more than two years since it has run!

    Gas will turn nasty when it gets old, very corrosive to some materials.

    I bought a Yamaha R1 that had been sitting for many years and the fuel pump was just like you described. All the wiring inside the tank was gone, the old gas has dissolved it all. The plastic housing for the fuel pump was rotten too.

    Here is one place to pick up a new one, $420!
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    I had a 2013 G650GS, that had a few fuel pump issues. I ended up replacing just the pump with an e-bay, not the carriage in comes in, for less than $30.00. BMW sells the thing, pump and carrier, as a complete unit, that is why it is so pricey. I think you should first try to determine what years of 650s used the same pump and carrier and look at used stock. Once you have a good carrier hoses and such the pump on mine could be removed and replaced separately. I don't see any pumps and carriers on e-bay for your specific model but again you need to check the BMW parts microfiche and see what other models fit so you can check for those bikes. What I do see is a listing with UK Motor Works. They ship to the colonies and I have had excellent luck with them on used parts. You can exchange e-mails and/or give them a call. Some of the stuff I have ordered from over there gets here pretty fast. Good luck.

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    Depending on your mechanical skills and the current state of everything else around the pump, you may be able to graft on a new pump to some of the old assembly:

    Euromotoelectrics does sell the pump only

    and Beemerboneyard does sell some of the other parts needed:
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    The fuel pumps are about $40 on ebay. I’d get one with a new strainer.
    Be careful when removing the old pump from the black rubber vibration isolation “biscuits”, as they will be fragile after sitting in gas all these years. Replacements are available but hard to find at $12 each! Just take your time and make sure the hoses are secure on re-assembly. You will save a huge amount by doing this yoursef.
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    Had exactly the same issue on my CS. Bought it in 2018 with 1800 miles on it. Ethanol gas had ruined everything in the tank. Found a salvage assembly from a newer G650. Runs like a champ after adding the R1200 injector.
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