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Thread: One of the older BMW shops just came through with parts

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    One of the older BMW shops just came through with parts

    Obsolete part #71-60-7-653-002 [ it's two pins and a serclip for left pannier handle ]. I called 5 places I've got bookmarked like Bobs BMW, Sierra etc and they all told me "out of production, none available ].

    BUT-- Bob's suggested I call Dunbars in Ma., he wouldn't be surprised if he had two on a shelf out back. Hmmm, I know Dunbars, they used to work on my K100rs back in the early 90's and were [ may still be ] an excellent shop ].

    I call Dunbars, give him the part number, he checks and comes back with one left, but the serclip is missing, apparently someone robbed it from the package at some point. I take it, the serclip can be sourced easy enough.

    In speaking with this guy, I related their working on the the K bike back in the day. Wants my name, looks up something and says, yup, 4 years in a row we worked on that bike for you. Mentioned the guy who worked on mine was a tall young guy, he says that was him. His name is Tom, he's the owner now. Explain one of my best friends was a motor officer in Avon, he asks the name, and he knows my buddy very well over the same time line [ early 90's forward ]. It was like old home week, brought back great memories of my buddy and I running our K100RS's in that era.

    I had him send the package to my brother for my K1200GT bike I gave him 4 years ago.

    A shout out to Dunbars BMW on S Main, Brockton, Ma. It was late in the day, they were about to close and he took the 20 minutes to get the parts ready to ship out this morning to Colorado.
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