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Thread: 2020 R1250RT Manhattan Metallic Paint Code

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    2020 R1250RT Manhattan Metallic Paint Code

    I have a minor crack in the right front body panel on my 2020 RT -- the panel with the logo attached to it. I ordered and received a replacement panel from Euro Sport Orlando, and I've found someone to paint the part (they come unpainted these days, evidently). Here's the problem - the BMW parts manager told be my Manhattan Metallic color code is N2V. But if you do a google search, you'll find something called Manhattan *Green* Metallic (also code N2V), and yet another code for Manhattan Metallic as C3D. I think Manhattan Green Metallic may be the automobile version of the same color. I have no idea what the C3D code represents -- it was describing BMW Manhattan Metallic touch up sticks.

    Anyone have any experience with this?

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    Looking at pictures, the BMW Motorrad Manhattan Metallic does appear to have a green cast to it - and looks the same as the automotive version.

    This may help a little:

    I used the search strings "2020 BMW motorrad Manhattan Metallic paint code" and "bmw manhattan metallic" in google to compare photos and find that page.

    Also, found this touch-up kit - looks like 3-part. Base, metallic paint, and clearcoat.

    Edit: I also found this site that appears to carry the right paints in various quantities.
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    The link was helpful. It says N2V is a synonym for C3D. Why two codes? We'll never know.

    My painter is a pro, so he'll figure this out. I hope. Thanks!

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    2021 RT Manhattan Metallic

    I have been told by the dealer the paint code on my bike for Manhattan Metallic is N2B

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