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Thread: buying a used out of state bike

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    If it's a BMW, it's a 50-state bike and the 7500 mile rule shouldn't apply. The 7500 mile rule is for vehicles that are not CA emissions compliant. That's so you can't buy a non-compliant vehicle in another state then bring it immediately to CA to register it.

    <7,500 miles and it's considered a "new" vehicle and must meet CA emission requirements.
    Bikes that do will have a sticker somewhere stating that they meet all states' requirements (the '07 KTM EXC models do!).

    >7,500 miles and it's considered used, so you don't have to meet requirements.

    Join AAA, and let them handle the title and reg transfer - fast and easy.
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    registering an out of state bike in California

    Last week I registered my second out of state bike in California. Earlier this year, I had my first experience registering an out of state bike in California, so last week, I knew the ropes. The first bike a R1200RT I bought from a dealership in Chicago. It took about 6 weeks to arrive. I took the bike to AAA, but they said because it need a VIN verification, I would have to go to the DMV directly, which I did. There, I was told to show the DMV attendant the Federal Emissions stamps, the VIN and the engine number. I had no idea where those numbers were located. I called my local dealership and they knew where the VIN and engine number were, but getting to it was difficult at best. The guy I had to show it to wouldn't get on the ground to look up at the number. I had a tough time...but I prevailed.
    The bike last week is a K1200LT with a Hannigan sidecar from Minesota. Before I took it to the DMV, I found the location of all the numbers, in the service manual. However, with the sidecar attached, the only way I could see the engine number was with a borescope camera.
    It was easy to get through the VIN verification if you know where the numbers are located on the bike, and you can show them to the DMV attendant. Another option is to take the bike to a Highway Patrol Office, and they have someone there who will do the verification, but you still need to tell them where the numbers are located, and you still have to go to the DMV to register the bike.
    Know where you numbers are located, and enjoy waiting in line.

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    That’s helpful information.
    Welcome to the forum!
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