I’ve been enjoying the BT Moto Stage One flash for a few weeks now and then this happened.

My credit card company inadvertently declined the charge back in February for my BT Moto Flasher tool. I was not informed of this and was never contacted. BT Moto says they sent me multiple emails which I never received, this point is disputed. Then BT Moto thinking I was some scammer tricked me into deleting the tune saying there was a major glitch in the software on my bike. I complied gladly not wanting to damage an expensive motorcycle. I reset the ECU to the OEM factory settings. Then and only then did they want to talk on the phone to inform me of the declined CC charge. I called and got it re billed immediately. There was never anything wrong with my Stage One tune in the first place. The whole thing was deceptive.

Now I have to start all over with the whole process of getting a new MYGenius file, questionnaire and re map. I don’t know what kind of people they are used to dealing with, but he/they basically accused me of stealing the device and software wasting multiple hours of my time and theirs. I was 1st. on the list for the R18 Forum Group Buy Discount and have an excellent reputation in both business and on this Forum.

A quick simple telephone call should have been done and this whole cluster f**k could have been avoided. In the future I will not ever be buying any of this outfits products. Their distrust of their clients, horrible “bed side manner”, and condescending attitude toward me was totally uncalled for. Riders like us who routinely spend 20, 25 and 30K on a motorcycle aren’t really the demographic that would go to the trouble of stealing a few hundred bucks of hardware and software from a tuning company. I was not even offered an apology for the misunderstanding and basically called a liar as well as a thief. In this uber competitive world this bad business practice will never result in long term success.

I’m sure BT Motos rebuttal will be “rich”!