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Thread: Sunday morning lunch ride to Boshamps

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    Sunday morning lunch ride to Boshamps

    Rhonda perusing the menu (she settled for the hamburger)
    Waiting on my blackened shrimp basket.
    A lovely cool drink of lemon water on the beach.
    The valet couldn’t ride a motorcycle to park the bike but he could take a picture.
    Sophie and Ellie’s eye balls was floating, they was glad we was home.

    These are the riding adventures of the Prez and First Lady on a typical Sunday morning in the south. Azaleas are in bloom, red buds, and dogwoods… it’s getting to be that time of year.
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    You are a lucky man. It's nice to see some folks getting rides in. There's no riding in our neck of the woods. But it will happen along soon.

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