March offers another opportunity to Ride-2-Eat for the northern AL & southern TN & western GA riders on March 12th...

I’m repeating a Lunch ride to a cozy family-style bar & grill, called "Shell’s Downtown” at 105 N Center Ave in Piedmont, AL.
N33° 55.414' W85° 36.691'

As usual I have a route for the Vintage Bikers to depart the Blue Plate Cafe breakfast in HSV ~0915; planning to arrive ~1130 to try to beat the lunch rush at noon... For my flock o'Peeps, it’s ~103 miles & 126 minutes at a comfortable pace.

The general route from HSV to Piedmont as described by BaseCamp.

The Actual Route from HSV to Piedmont as I designed in BaseCamp.

Happy Trails whenever U can - Ciao!
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