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Thread: Can you make a safety argument for the Vario side cases?

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    My 2013 F800GSA has had a few low speed tip overs. The Varios barely suffered. I did clip a steel post with the left one in Peru and made it a trapezoid. It was repairable by sitting on it and bending it back to a rectangle. Be advised though. My F800 bags mount from the rear and if you do clip something, the latch will bend and the bag will come off. This is what you want. My new F850GSA, the bags mount from the front. If you hit something with that there will be much worse damage to the bags and mounting racks. I think this was a terrible change by BMW

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    Hard Bags and tip over

    My last major low side was FJR 1300 with hard bags.
    Yes, the bags got scraped and I twisted an ankle but don't what world have happened if no hard bag.

    Got my new 2022 F750GS and had Vario side case added Cost about $1,300.
    They are hard for protection and expandable for added luggage and smaller for normal use.

    My thoughts are if you can get them.

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    I was thinking the same thing, side cases save my legs. Last summer a low speed get off in the dirt, leg was trapped under bag, hurt my ankle, not bad, but this summer no hard bags in dirt.

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