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Thread: [Video] F750GS Low Tire Pressure Warning

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    [Video] F750GS Low Tire Pressure Warning

    Sorry for the second post, I was a little worried that the video would get buried in the other thread.

    Recapping the issue: I dropped the pressure in the rear tire by a whole bunch, but am still not getting an RDC warning. The dash is reading the correct pressure.

    I talked to a couple of service guys who didn't seem all that enthused about working on the problem.

    Where I'm going to leave it is to have a shop look at it and at least try to make sure I'm on the latest software version.

    It occurred to me that I should be pretty grateful that the dash is reading the right pressure so I can check it manually. This gets me 90% of the way there but leaves out the rapid loss of air scenario.
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    It looked like tire pressure warning is set to Off.

    Edit: I read the setting wrong, you have the warning turned on.
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