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Thread: "Verification for BMW Motorcycle Owners of America Members" spam email?

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    "Verification for BMW Motorcycle Owners of America Members" spam email?

    I found a sketchy email in my junk emailbox. It claims to be from "Reece Mullins President" of the BMW Motorcycle Owners of America, but the return email address and the (866) telephone number have no known relation to the MOA. In the email, they're asking for lots of personal information.

    Did anyone else get an email like this one? I somehow doubt that a scammer would create it just for me, although I suppose it's possible.
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    It is legit and discussed in this thread.!
    Kevin Huddy
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    Thanks. I'm glad it's not spam, but I'm not thrilled about it.

    (I did do a search of the forum before posting my message, but I guess I didn't use the right keywords to get a hit.)
    Current bikes: '07 F650GS, '98 K1200RS, '74 R90/6
    Previous bikes: '06 F650GS (totaled, RIP), '94 R1100RS (sold)

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    I hope members embrace this project. It will become an interesting and hopefully valuable portrait and history of the club. And it needs to not just be about us old-timers. It needs to include the burgeoning adventures of the new folks too. The GS folks on the TAT. The scooter riders commuting. The kids fixing up grandpa's old bike. All of that and more!!!!!!
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    I stand by my statements in post 6 of the other thread. It wasn't just a "confusing" way to do it, it was sloppy.

    Mulling it over - pun intended - I can take Reece's signature and apply it to any document. I did this at work a couple of times as an obvious joke, and wound up having to explain how I did it to my manager. (No I won't share that here, nor by P/M.)

    Ted's link is still a dead end (at least with Mozilla Firefox and w/ uSoft Edge).

    I might send info to the MOA, but not to some third party.

    Paul S.
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