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Thread: F800GT Electronic Cruise Control again

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    F800GT Electronic Cruise Control again

    I have previously installed the older vacuum version of the AudioVox / MC Cruise cruise control on one of my old K100RT's and on my R1100RT. In addition to the wiring, I just needed to make a bracket to attach the cables for pulling the throttle. My question is, has anyone installed one of these units on an F800GT / cable throttle version? I'd like to remove the one I have on my R1100RT and install it on a cable version of the F800GT. I know you can buy a new version from MCCruise but that is a great deal of money.


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    I have one on my GS, which I assume should be a similar cable setup to your GT? I would imagine that MCCruise would send you the dimensions if you asked nicely?

    There may be some pictures here:
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