This is a request for help with the upcoming Google's G-Suite transition to Google Workspace, slated for this summer.

I am thinking that others in the MOA could be in a similar position.
Details below.

Back in the day, you could sign up with Google for free email, under your own domain name.
For example: instead of you could have
Google allowed up to 100 email address' per domain, and it was all free.

To the email service, Google added various applications, eg: Google Docs, and called this collection G-Suite.

In 2012, Google started charging anyone who signed up for G-Suite. Those previously signed up, continued under the original terms, ie: free.
Google has since re-branded G-Suite as Google Workspace.
All existing G-Suite accounts will convert to Google Workspace on 2022 May 1st.
With payment required by 2022 June 31st, else the accounts will be frozen.

Minimum payment is set at $6USD/mth/email-address.
I currently have ten email addresses, between my company and family domains. For a total of $720 USD/yr.
Understandably, I prefer the current payment of zero dollars.
Plus this is not what I signed up for. All I wanted was the free email. Given on the understanding that Google will read all my emails. But, seeing as all emails are being read by various agencies around the world, this seemed a reasonable deal to me.

My ask. I am looking for anyone who is using Google's G-Suite.
Asking them to contact me.

In the hope that we can work together, and keep Google to it's original promise of free email.


ps: Validated education and charity organisations will continue to be free. There is some chat that personal/family domains will be free. Nothing confirmed yet. And that does nothing for a company domain.