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Thread: Recall for All 2019-2020 BMW K 1600s Rear Suspension

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee View Post
    BMW considers The K1600 Grand America and the K1600 B two models.

    Click on Tour on the BMW site.
    The only difference between the K1600B and K1600B Grand America is the top case and associated electricals. Mechanically they are identical.


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    2018 Rear suspension recall

    Quote Originally Posted by motormike View Post
    Wonder why (or how) the 2018 models managed to dodge the bullet?
    My K1600GT is 2018 model and I received the letter from BMW advising the my VIN was affected. I haven't confirmed this with the dealer yet.

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    I have. 2018 models are included in the recall. Ugh!

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    Quote Originally Posted by easy View Post
    Since 2015, BMW has had problems with leaking new brakes, cams going flat, TFT linking issues, fork issues -, etc. It doesn’t seem like they’re going in the right direction. Seems like BMW should have a better product for the money spent.
    Yes, but the good news it their final drive units don't fail like they used to!

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