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Thread: Darien Gap

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    Darien Gap

    I read about Ed Culberson's journey across the Darien Gap between Panama and Columbia where he struggled to get his R80 G/S across. That was quite an ordeal. The book describing his adventure is very interesting -


    There is a gal that goes by Itchy Boots that is on a multi-year adventure around the world by motorcycle. Recently she crossed the Darien Gap by boat, a very small boat. Yikes!! I guess that was easier than the trip that Ed Culberson made.

    Rider Magazine used to send me magazines; they stopped although my subscription wasn't up. I guess that Rider is mostly on-line now. There is an on-line write-up about another bunch that crossed the Darien Gap by motorcycles (part of a long journey)

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    This young lady was mentioned to me at my History of Adventure Riding seminar in Great Falls last year. She'll be in my seminar this year in Springfield. I find it amazing that her videos regularly exceed a half-million views.

    In case you didn't see it here is the video Ed made about his ride, posted in the "History of Motorrad Clubs in the USA" thread.

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    Helge Pedersen did this on his world trip.

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    Helge's video really makes the Darien Gap using an airhead GS look like a piece of cake - Not!!!

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    727 Cargo

    My friends who transited that area in 2015 put their bikes on a 727 in Bogota, then flew them (bikes + riders) to Panama.
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    As long as the plane doesn't crash, that looks like the easiest way to cross the Gap...

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    Still sounds like a wardrobe malfunction (plumbers) with Aerostitch gear.
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    Helge Pedersen 1989 York, Pa. MOA National

    I was watching him remove and examine his carb. He looked like a rider who rode the whole world. I thought I was doing pretty good. I worked a full time job, took off 10 days, rode to Pa. attended the rally, rode back and went right back to work in a machine shop.

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