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Thread: Russell Saddle or Corbin Saddle

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    ohbeemer ramble's Avatar
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    Confusion on the website order led me to call Corbin. I paused speaking because I thought the phone line was dead. I had to ask if she was listening and when finished got little response. I doubt that my concerns were heard or ever made it to anyone other than the person answering that day.
    Like Russel and years of good service and Corbin may be the same but if ya need help, good luck.

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    Stroll past the bikes at the starting lineup for the Iron Butt Rally. You will find that almost all the bikes are equipped with Russell Daylong saddles. in 1999 and 2003 mine was a Bill Mayer, Sr. solo seat, but Bill was the inventor of the Daylong before he sold the company to Russell.
    Paul Glaves - "Big Bend", Texas U.S.A
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    I run Renazco saddles on my KTM's. Most of the riders from North America riding the Dakar rally in the last 10 years or more have used Renazco saddles. Bit of a different animal that an RT and I honestly don't know if they do that style of seat.

    I have done 15 hour days on this one.
    640 Adventure

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    Good point Paul...

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    Skibum, how is that phone case attached to your saddle? I need that on my DR.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trodowsky View Post
    My thanks to all of you for your feedback. Russell is the overwhelming choice, which is the direction in which I was leaning. Thanks to you I feel comfortable in ordering the Russell saddle today.
    I have the Russell on my RT, love it. If anyone questions its looks, you can't see it while you're riding.

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    I think the world-wide supply chain has a bad case of Covid. You should factor in a longer wait.

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