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Thread: Riding position difference of K1600 GT Vs GTL

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    Riding position difference of K1600 GT Vs GTL

    I am a new member to the community. I currently ride a 2021 R1250RT which was my first BMW motorcycle. I just placed an order for a 2022 K1600GTL and wondering if I would be happier with K1600GT. As one might expect, there was not a current model available for a test ride at the dealer. Only a 2015 GTL. Trying to understand how different the seating position is between both models. Will it impact how aggressively one can ride the bike? Thoughts?

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    I've no personal experience with either model, but this site might help:

    It shows you how you might fit a particular bike. Lots of options for your measurements and preferences. Add multiple bikes and you can compare riding positions. Use a mouse with a scroll wheel to overlay one on top of another. Here is a GT overlaid on a GTL:

    I think the GTL is limited to 140 mph, possibly because of the top box. Differences in "aggressiveness" between the two models in the real world is probably zero, that's affected more by rider intent and ability, and probably could be measured only on a race track. There are many better bikes for the track.
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    Very helpful! It looks like the seat height may make all the difference for me. It is a heavy bike, so being able to come to a stop flat-footed is a major selling point. Thanks for the assist.

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    GTL has a more upright seating position than the GT. GT is a more lean into. The bars are different. The GTL bar pull back to the rider. Foot pegs are different to. Performance wise it’s a wash.

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    Just my 2 cents, when I was shopping between various editions of 6-Cyls in the Metro DC area circa 2018:

    I found myself lower in the bucket of the GTL, and generally lower overall. I traded up from a tallish F800GS, so I wanted the extra leg room and ground clearance! My inseam is 32" at 6' tall. I found the GT a little sportier and offering just a little more room behind my knees. I've since added Ilium works Highway Pegs, which help a lot for X-country LDRs:

    Additionally, I use a big Dry Bag as my strap-on top case when touring. That's what works pour moi - we did >20K in 2021...

    Happy Trails whenever U can - Ciao!
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