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Thread: Options to Prevent Cold Fingers While Riding

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    I have been happy with my rev it Anderson H2O gloves.

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    Nice easy rider grips Russ! dang those would look good on the RT

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    +3 on the Triple Digit Rain Gloves

    I also have Raynauf's and my fingers will turn waxy yellow-white in colder temps. Heated gloves or heated grips and the over gloves work really well. I can feel a drastic difference whenever I don't have the Triple Digit cloves on.

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    When I used to ride my Honda 750-4 in cold weather, nothing would beat leather mitten style gloves with wool mitten liners. Kinda goofy looking but really effective.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Omega Man View Post
    When I used to ride my Honda 750-4 in cold weather, nothing would beat leather mitten style gloves with wool mitten liners. Kinda goofy looking but really effective.
    I still use my HD gauntlet wool-lined leather mittens, although now they’re enhanced with Gerbing heated glove liners. My HD mittens are 50 years old and still in great shape.

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    I tried everything I could to stay away from heated gloves for fear of them failing. I had snowmobile gauntlets on the handle bars, triple extra large snowmobile mittens with gloves on inside the mittens. Nothing kept my hands from freezing on winter rides once the temps. got into the teens Fahrenheit. Three to four hundred miles on the interstates was the most I could ride before I had to stop and get them warmed up.

    I finally bought the Gerbing heated gloves & socks. I also had not found a way to keep my feet from freezing after three to four hundred miles. In 2018 on a 600 mile ride to Pennsylvania in the rain with temps in the mid 30's my heated gloves stopped working. The 12 volt connector from the battery had corroded probably from riding so much on salted roads. I now have two connectors on each of my bikes, a back up controller and I just bought a second pair of Gerbing gloves while my first pair were back at Gerbing getting rewired. My new Gerbing GT5 gloves weigh less than half of what my old gloves weigh. On my first pair of Gerbing gloves the insulation on the wiring was cracked and falling off. Gerbing replaced all the wiring and connectors for free.
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