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Thread: Parabellum windshield for 1150RT (tinted vs clear)

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    Parabellum windshield for 1150RT (tinted vs clear)

    I am 6'4" and recently acquired an 1150RT, the stock windshield is useless. I am going to try a "+4"" Parebellum windshield, I am considering getting the tinted windshield (tint + dark blue bike= ) . My question is, is anyone using the tinted windshield and if so, do you like it..


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    Both windshields on my bikes are tinted gray and yes I like the look of them but having had them for so long Iíve canít remember what I thought riding with regular windshields.

    Iíve seen a K100RT with a windshield that was painted black which fit the look of that black bike. Of course that particular windshield was never one that one looked through.

    Came across a glacial green R1100RT like mine with a tinted green windshield, certainly not my taste.

    I guess it will depend on your preference as to whether or not you will be happy with it or not.
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    I had a tinted windshield on both my R1150RT and my R1100RS. Both were a light (not super dark) tint and I liked it. You would be surprised how bright the road can be on a bright sunny day. The tint allowed me to see the road while "taking the edge off" the road glare.
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    I always bought the dark tinted because of cosmetically it just looked better. Seems to hide some of the wiring and the back side of instruments. However after getting could out in some pretty bad weather I've switch to a more functional clear screen on most of my bikes to see obstacles and road conditions better. I'm really not a windshield guy so the ones I do have are the very low/sports models. I've found very few if any that don't bother my head with turbulences.
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