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Thread: Brake warning light and ! lights flashing rapidly

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    All electric/electronic devices work on smoke.
    If you release it the device no longer works.

    What likely happened is one of the motors had a locked armature.
    This blows the power Mosfet transistor on the main circuit board.
    The brushes wear down on the motors as well and cock in the guide.

    The unit will need to be rebuilt.
    AFAIK Module Masters is not taking any at the present time.

    I have fixed 3 but the problem is sourcing the replacement components. Unobtanium unless a donor unit with good components are available.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mcraffeldt View Post
    Was just rebleeding the brakes and got a puff off smoke from the abs pump. Now no servo brakes on front or rear. Assuming this means the pump just died. Any suggestions of other possibilities?
    First, check fuses and external wiring to make sure they are not the source of the smoke.

    If the pump has indeed failed you pretty much have three options. 1) A new pump from BMW, very very pricey and availability might be a question. 2) Bypass the ABS system and just run with conventional brakes. 3) Contact ModuleMasters in Idaho and inquire about having your unit rebuilt. That option may be iffy, tho, as for years they’ve been promising repair capability on that series of pumps but I’ve not personally run across anyone, or heard from anyone, who’s been able to get one rebuilt—due to lack of parts availability, according to MM.

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    You might be in over your comfort zone, take it to a dealer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pauls1150 View Post
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    Note that this is NOT the BMW-Approved stuff.
    That smoke is totally incompatible with BMW smoke. It would be like mixing DOT 3 with DOT 5 brake fluid.

    Now, if things are like GSAddict describes, I would recommend bypassing or finding a used working unit (not likely).

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    Absolutely, I would not trust anything made by Lucas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pauls1150 View Post
    Absolutely, I would not trust anything made by Lucas.
    “The Prince of Darkness”.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Omega Man View Post
    “The Prince of Darkness”.
    A 3-position Lucas headlight switch reads, "Dim, Flicker, Smoke".

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