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Thread: Two good additions 2018 G310GS

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    Two good additions 2018 G310GS

    I'm pretty happy with how my 2018 G310GS is set up -- but two recent additions have been very nice, both Christmas gifts from my wife.

    This morning I installed the SW-Motech center stand. The fit and finish is excellent and it appears factory to me. No real problems with the install, but the two springs were a bit of a challenge. I don't have a spring puller but a screw driver eventually helped to do the job.

    The second are Double Take Mirrors. For me, these are a huge improvement over the factory mirrors. Much less vibration and I have a significantly better view behind me, as my shoulders seem to block half the view of the factory mirrors. That could be a YMMV thing, as Michelle is quite a bit smaller than me -- she says her shoulders don't block her mirrors on her G310R.

    Regardless, I'm a photographer and I've let any number of vistas pass by, knowing the slope of the road's shoulder wouldn't work with the side stand of the G310GS. The center stand largely solves that. A few months ago I installed a four-way flasher module which uses the factory blinker switch to activate (created by a very nice gentleman in Paris) -- so for most of the sort of roads I travel, I feel pretty good about it.

    It was 55 degrees on January 2 in New Jersey -- the center stand install was easy enough that we also got in a nice ride today.

    Happy 2022! I hope you have a safe, healthy and happy New Year!




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    Four Way Flasher Module?

    Please provide source info on the four way flasher module. Thx.

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    I recall hearing about this trick a long time back and have used it with some success. It cost about 10 to 15 cents (i.e., need pennies). The photo below is from the late Paul Bachorz, from the linked thread -


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    Her smile says it all. That is a great picture. Why don't you put a center stand on your girl's bike?

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