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    Last ride of 21

    Well in normal fashion I was able to incorporate the bike for a necessary trip. As 2021 drew to a close I need to take my Daughter back to Atlanta. This is my one child that has never really had an interest in bikes. The one problem was I needed tires and was gonna wait until spring after all the headache with my local dealer. But on a whim I called Pandoras in Chattanooga to see what they had in stock and get some prices. Knowing if they didn't have anything the chances were slim of ordering anything and getting them in time were slim... After a brief hold I was told they had both RS 4's and Roadtec in stock. The Dunlops came in cheaper and I was going to try the 3's this time but hey take what you can get. So they scheduled me first thing friday morning.
    So as usual with my trips I came off a night shift thursday morning came home loaded up the bike and off to chattanooga we went. Pulled into the hotel about 430 ordered some Chinese and my daughter stayed stuck to her screen for the evening but did enjoy the 3 hour ride. I got up and headed to the dealer, I arrived about 20 minutes before they opened and was greeted and offered a seat and cup of joe while I waited for them to open. I browsed all the shiny new bikes and wish I could've brought a couple of them home. They had a nice selection of different makes and models the 719 RT was hard to resist as was the Triumph Rocket 3. They did have a couple R18's and had the weather been better I would've tried it out. (I think Mother Nature Knew I didn't need to test ride any bikes because I would've added one to the garage.) I mean it wouldn't have been the first time I called my wife and told her to bring the trailer... I have to say I was really impressed with this dealership. They had me in and out in about an hour and a half, answered all my questions and I came away with new tires installed and nice new pair of boots for just a little more than my local dealer wanted for just tires. I finished up with the service department headed off to the hotel loaded up and off to Atlanta we go. Since I had new shoes on and the roads were wet I tried Rain mode for the first time. As with anything its hard to form an initial impression on new tires well because I came off the BT30's with 6900 miles on them to brand new tires but I knew they would scrub in and end up with about 400 miles on them by the time I got home. Surprisingly the ride down was uneventful we did encounter off and on showers but traffic was lite for Atlanta. We pulled in to her house about 230 and exchanged goodbyes and after a lot of effort and a few choice words got the bike headed back north. I was pulling the unigo this trip so it may have had some effect but my initial impressions of the Dunlops are they did not seem as planted to me. I know with the trailer dirty air will make the front seem to hunt a bit, however it seemed to randomly do it even when I was clear of traffic. Now it could've been windy but I wasn't getting blown around per se and there wasn't a definitive speed or condition that caused it.
    Yet usually north of 70 on the speedo I would get a left to right hunting in the front. And a couple times I continued to see what it would do and I believe if I had continued I wouldn't be here writing this, I will ride without the unigo to see if I get the same thing. And if I don't then I know to keep the speed down with the trailer. All in all a great trip and other than needing the B to go on a diet I love the bike but man she is a handful in parking lots and off camber parking situation. Enough of my long winded drivel Have a Happy NEW Year and my 22 bring more miles and smiles to the community....
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