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Thread: Sirius Audio presets disappear

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    Sirius Audio presets disappear

    [SIZE=4]On my 14 RT for the last several months my Sirius preset stations are just disappearing on their own after I turn the audio on. Once you select the Sirius the system goes into a update then after it gets it’s signal the radio plays. However often some of the 12 preset stations are no longer there? I had the dealership do a software update but unfortunately nothing has changed. It’s not consistent and again not all the Sirius presets disappear, maybe a few at a time. I reset them again for my ride all is well. Then after it sets a few days, back out, turn on the Sirius and again some have disappeared! Has anyone had this happen yet? The preset function is terrific because it keeps me and everyone more heads up for safety. Please let me know again if anyone else experienced this issue.
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    I canít help with your problem but I can move this post later on to Wetheads.
    No need to repost as the bike electronics and the associated intricacies come up regularly.
    We have some members that are pretty good at this.
    Good luck.
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    I found a forum (not BMW MOA Forum) in which this topic of losing "favorites" is discussed. A solution or technique for restoring them is offered. See:
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