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Thread: ‘93 K1100RS Cam Chain Tensioner

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    ‘93 K1100RS Cam Chain Tensioner

    Long story but here is the short version, several weeks ago started maintenance on the 1993 K1100RS. Checked valve clearances and ordered the required buckets (or whatever they are called). Left the BMW tool in place holding the timing chain tensioner down in place while waiting parts.

    Mean while life happened (heart attack)

    Finally made it back to the shop, get the cam back in but not enough slack in timing chain to remount the sprocket to the cam. Look in the see the rod pushing down on the timing chain is bent at about a 45 degree angle. Took some doing but got it out, tried using a similar sized drill bit in the BMW tool but chain adjuster will not move.

    Hoping to not have to pull the front cover because that will require removing the sidecar and it's subframe.

    Any suggestions?

    Mike Currin
    2020 R1250RS
    93 K1100RS / EML Speed 2000 sidecar
    06 Ducati ST3, 67 Triumph 650 Chopper

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    Sorry to hear of your mishap.

    While I don’t have any suggestions for a fix, I would request that you always include the year and model of the bike in question IN THE TITLE of any thread you start in this section of the forum. I have added this information for you.

    Good luck. I hope someone comes along with the info you need.


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