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Thread: Beemer shop Right fork Tractive upgrade

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    Beemer shop Right fork Tractive upgrade

    Hello all,

    I am currently attempting to install the tractive right fork upgraded and have kinda hit a wall. Install was straightforward but I have run into an issue with the new top cap for setting dampening. It is unadjustable, am I missing something is the adjustment not available on this upgrade? I have read through on all the literature provided and canít find anything on the interwebs that show the install and adjustment. Any one on the forum have any experience with this product? Thank you in advance, and Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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    Over on the F850GS forum - - there are some folks who have installed them. Do a thread search for "tractive".

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    I have the same kit waiting to install.

    The dampening is adjusted using the 4mm allen key hex tool in the very center of the cap. The preload is adjusted with the 22mm outer hex. The little orange ring that looks like it should adjust something does not.
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    Welcome, gearthrower! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!
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    To talk to lots of owners who have made this fork upgrade,546.0.html TOPIC: FORK SOLUTION (READ 6171 TIMES)
    I have had mine for over a year and 6000 miles and it is well worth the cost!

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    I upgraded the front on my 19' 850 GSA with tractive from Beemershop and I could not be happier. MASSIVE upgrade and its changed the bike, I can not recommend this upgrade highly enough. Its literally night and day. It's not cheap but holy hell is it amazing. After doing this upgrade it was so darn good I upgraded the suspension on my 1250RT and my 1250R as well. DO IT!

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