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Thread: To all

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    To all

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you in the BMW MOA forum! St.

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    Thumbs up

    A happy Thanksgiving to you as well !
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    Thank you everyone and happy Thanksgiving to all of our MOA members, family, friends, riding buddies and loved ones. 20 degrees here in NH this morning...riding season is almost over. I'm going to get surgery on my shoulder soon so I'm not too upset given that it's winter time anyway. I hope you all have a great holiday season.

    PS: my bird is going in the oven now! 27.5 pounds. 24 hours @ 165 basting it every hour then 400F for 2 hours tomorrow to finish it off. About to put the dry rub on it. it's been in a salt brine with fruits and spices for 3 days:
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    Count your blessings - name them one by one . . .

    Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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    I hope you have a few folks to help you eat that Adam! Canadian Thanksgiving is long gone but we just had 20 lbs of fresh and 10 lbs of salt cod dropped off yesterday. Considering the fresh was caught the day before I think it's plenty fresh enough and good to last us the winter. That with a fresh lamb a couple of weeks ago and a quarter of beef being picked up tomorrow I think we're pretty much set for the winter. And with all of our fresh grown food to go with I can safely assume I will be eating well for awhile. So yes I'm with you all in wishing you all a happy Thanksgiving while I give thanks to the bounty I am able to enjoy.
    ITSteve: ride in peace my friend
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    Thhanksgiving to all the guys and gals who went out on duty to pull their shift of duty. Our Valiant Vice Pesident of these United States advised that a 20 lb bird was enough to fee any family and that there are plenty of those going round for all Americans. I am sure that she KNOWS the sacrifices of all those men and women now and in the past that have paid their share of duty time. For me, I am thankful....God Bless THESE UNITED STATES..........Denns

    When YOU are in N.W. Georgia, find your way on Hwy 136 outside of Calhoun, to my mountain top. Camp or RV awhile up on top of the hill and find the peace that I do..........God bless

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    Quote Originally Posted by adamchandler View Post
    20 degrees here in NH this morning...riding season is almost over. I'm going to get surgery on my shoulder soon so I'm not too upset given that it's winter time anyway. I hope you all have a great holiday season.
    Ditto, same temp and shoulder surgery coming up on the 8th of December.

    Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! Easy on the turkey...

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    Wish you well with your upcoming surgery. Rehab well and have a great Thanksgiving.
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    So Ditto, all y'all! Happy Thanksgiving fer sure. Enjoy a down-day with your friends & family...

    We're certainly thankful to have landed in Rocket City USA, just ~2 years before covid landed in the US. We were quite happy visiting the HSV Senior Center and taking beginners' Line Dancing lessons (even bought new Cowboy Boots). Now, we've gotten into Pickleball as often as possible since February (4 or 5 days a week). We're improving week after week. Thus, we're thankful to the many Pickleballers we've encountered in the past 10 months {including Dr Jimmy, a 92 year old neighbor who was on the City Council when they funded the gymnasium where we often play. No he no longer drives; but he plays a mean Pickleball}. We're having a blast, and it's great for your reflexes & stamina... So be thankful for any & all blessings that can be associated with your neighborhood...

    We're signed up already for the International MOA Rally in Springfield MO [did that just after leaving Great Falls for those who attended]. Hope you're planning a ride to SW MO next June! I think regular registration starts next week - on 1 December....
    Be there or be square!

    Happy Trails whenever U can ride; be safe & be seen. Ciao!
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    Happy Thanksgiving to all the American members and for all us Canadians, happy Thursday.
    Ed Miller, Calgary, AB
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    Happy Turkey Day to everyone.
    Jeff in W.C.
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    Happy Thanksgiving to all!

    A special shout out to those really trying to keep us all safe.

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    Not the most important thing to be thankful for but......where else but here, would anyone care if I shared: I'm thankful that I can't think of a motorcycle, new of used, that would fit my needs better than the ride I already own. It's a 2004 R1150R, with accessories and modifications.
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