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Thread: Charcoal Canister

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    Charcoal Canister

    My charcoal can is clogged, causing vacum in my fuel tank. I'm thinking of just connectioning the tube out of of the tank with the tube in to the tank and removing the stupid can alltogether. Would there be any problems with this other than violating California enviromental regulations?
    Ron R


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    carbon can

    there is no problem what so ever...just make sure you do the correct disconect so that any overflow of fuel is carried completely to the bottom of the bike...and not onto a hot exhaust pipe of course. at that point it will also make sense to cap the bottom of the throttle bodies, which is the vacumn souce for the unloading of the carbon canister. the dealer sells these little rubber caps.
    Jim Bud...

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    In the IBMWR tech pages (, there's a complete process for doing a canisterectomy.

    I'm probably going to yank the one on the S this weekend.
    Dave Swider
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    I followed the posted directions for removal of the canister- very simple- took just a few minutes and now my bike looks even bitchiner with the system cases off!

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