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Thread: 2021 R1250gs Cardo Connectivity

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    2021 R1250gs Cardo Connectivity

    I have a Cardo Packtalk Bold and two Packtalk Slims. I pair my iPhone 12 to the TFT and the headset to the TFT, leaving the Nav VI out. With bike off or running music downloaded on Spotify (Spotify is set to off-line mode only, so not streaming) is awesome. As soon as I begin riding, the music cuts out (spotty). I read about iPhone/BMW issues so purchased a Samsung Galaxy S8 and the issues are exactly the same. The Cardo's units have been updated recently as was the bike TFT software recently. Help!

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    Welcome to the Forum Sam

    In the Similar Threads down the page is another thread concerning your issue on a 2020 model.

    I will move this to Wetheads at some point since it is model specific. Hopefully another response by someone with experience, don't be discouraged with replies as many are doing the travel or family thing this week.
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    Have you tried other music sources? Do turn by turn directions work?

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    Sam, Let me know how this works out for you. I hope you get your tech sorted.
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