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Thread: Back from Dallas with all new Goodies

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    Back from Dallas with all new Goodies

    Was Finally able to get down to Dallas and pick up my bike from T-rex racing. They fitted engine guards, bag guards a center stand and front wheel Slider. They are a great company to work with an are truly interested in providing quality products for motorcycles. The ride back was my longest single day ride at 671 miles. I encountered temps from 28 to 64 but clear and dry the whole way back. With the exception of almost wiping out from a confused Deer in the road the ride was uneventful. The more I ride the B the more solidified my decision gets on my purchase. Its definitely an all day touring machine.


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    Great report
    The gear looks great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Omega Man View Post
    Great report
    The gear looks great.
    Thank you...

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