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Thread: Big Mac tank bag

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    Big Mac tank bag

    i have been using my Big Mac tank bag since 2004 on multiple BMW's. I love it but after being used that long and for probably 400,000 miles it is in bad shape and needs to be replaced. I don,t know why that company went out of business . I have placed an WTB ad in the market place and haven,t had any replies. Does anyone have one in half way good shape they,d be willing to sell? Or know of a rider who has one they don't use ? Any help is greatly appreciated

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    I’ve been using one myself on my K12RS. Always thought it was a great design. It’s too bad he stopped making them. No idea why, and can’t believe that someone else didn’t continue with that style of tank bags. No need to remove the bag for fill ups, just tilt it forward and your good to go. Don’t know what I’ll get when mine fianaly wears outs.
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    I was in the same boat. I looked for two years and finally changed to SW-Moto.
    I have to take the bag off to fuel but its easy and I got used to it
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