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Thread: 1991 K100RS Fuel Pump

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    1991 K100RS Fuel Pump

    Has anyone found a substitute fuel pump that fits a 1991 K100rs 16 Valve? I know about the NAPA P74095. Has anyone done this?


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    Ford Mustang Pump

    I put a fuel pump from a Ford Mustang in a 1985 K100 about six months ago. I think the pump was the same number you mentioned but I would have to check to make sure. The bike runs like it should with the Napa pump and is still working today.

    - the Napa pump has a smaller diameter than the stock bmw pump so it needs to be spaced with something to fit properly in fuel pump holder. I just wrapped the rubber hose included with the pump around the pump which seemed to make for a pretty tight fit.

    Other than that installation was pretty easy.

    hope that helps,

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