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Thread: Medical coverage in the US for Canadian members

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    Medical coverage in the US for Canadian members

    Which insurance companies do my fellow Canadian BMWMOA members use for travel in the US? I am interested in your experiences with cost & coverage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1987R100RS View Post
    Which insurance companies do my fellow Canadian BMWMOA members use for travel in the US? I am interested in your experiences with cost & coverage.
    Never had to use them but I never leave without coverage.

    I've used Blue Cross in the past. I got full year coverage for up to 31 days stays.
    I got the insurance from the CAA in the past but they switched to Orion in 2019. Coverage for both is fine with slightly better conditions with Orion.
    Cost varies according to your health and age mostly, but mine was around $500 for my SO and I.

    I've also dealed with Manulife. Their full package (cancelation, medical, evacuation, lost luggage, etc) is not cheap but worth every penny if you need them. I know of someone who had a life threatening incident while in Austria and they were really good.

    Before you purchase any travel insurance, check with you credit cards. Some like MC World Elite have pretty good coverage.
    Also check the small details, like age limitations. Some don't cover beyond 65 years.

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    I have used CAA for travel and health insurance (except for the last two years during COVID). I have had need for need for travel help but fortunately never had to use the health insurance policy.

    When I first began touring I had an American Express Card and used that for health insurance for a couple of years, until I read the small print that it only covered me for only a few days out of the country. Fortunately, I had no health issues and have been using CAA for health coverage for when out of province (that includes other provinces as well as the US).

    CAA gives you x number of days while out of the country for whichever package you chose. I used to opt for three weeks out of province but recently began buying a policy that covers two weeks of travelling on any trip. Any additional days can be added with a phone call and a minimal $3 or so daily top up.

    Of course having not travelled out of province during COVID, I do not know whether their policies are similar to when I last used them. I do know however with my last policy during the beginning of COVID, the policy would not cover a COVID issue while travelling.
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    I have Manulife but I am leaving that for my union insurance. For travel I have multiple ones from credit card accounts but they don't cover everything I want to do. When I'm headed out on big trips or rallies I get extra insurance and I have been using Ingle out of Toronto for many years. I also have the full meal deal with my SPOT Tracker so I figure I'm pretty well covered anywhere on the bike.
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    Be aware that some insurance providers WILL NOT cover you IF you contract Covid while away.
    I'm with Green Shield and they will not cover me if I get Covid while travelling out of country.
    I would have to purchase supplemental insurance that covers Covid.
    Check the Covid policy with your provider.

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