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Thread: Jacket and Boots

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    Post Jacket and Boots

    Good Day

    So I'm looking for a jacket and am uncertain of whether to go with a BMW Rallye Jacket or a Klim Badlands Pro which I'm told is more water proof and the armor is better.

    Also looking for boots. It would be nice to find a pair that I can wear all day but not have my feet sweating either.

    All feedback appreciated. I'm not interested in other brand jackets.

    Thank you in advance.

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    I've noticed that in addition to the BMW Rallye jacket they also offer a Rallye PRO jacket. The Pro is more subtle in appearance and has a few more functional features than the standard Rallye (and is more expensive).

    I'm not familiar with the Klim jackets but the Rallye's separate rain and wind shell seems like a good idea, unless you're riding in continuously wet and cool conditions. Regarding the armor, Klim's is different but whether it's actually better is debatable. IMO.
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    I wear a Klim Adventure suit, the Gore Tex finally failed this year for the first time but it hadn't been washed in 7 or 8 years so I guess it was time. Depending how heavy a boot you want Alpinestars has released a boot with the level of protection as the Tech 7 but waterproof. I have a pair of Tech 7's I wear for offroad and even touring if I'm going to be on dirt.
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    I wear the Alpinestars Air Plus 2 Gore-Tex boots in the summer. I rode out west this summer over 2000 miles of rain and temps up to 115 degrees & they worked great. My feet were dry the whole trip. They are very comfortable and the edge of the soles are curved so it makes it easy to put on your riding gear or rain gear.
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    Depends on the ride and season

    In fair weather and for day rides, I’m wearing my BMW Dry Sneakers with armored denims. Longer rides, and at least three seasons, I’m in Daytona Burdit XCRs. Haven’t had a chance yet to test in higher temps, but so far they’re keeping my feet happy for at least an 8-hour day.

    Waiting for my BMW PureXcursion jacket to arrive. I’ve read comparisons to the Rallye, though lighter and more ventilation. It doesn’t have a liner; BMW recommends their Ride waterproof liner, sold separately. On street, I have the Tornado 3 which I’m very happy with. Looking forward to comparing the two, though I bought the PX for off-road fun.
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    I've put about 100,000 miles on a set of Klim Latitude gear - actually two sets, I outgrew the first set after 50,000 miles and replaced that set with a second set. i sold the first set in 15 minutes on the ADVRider Marketplace for 1/2 of retail.

    If you are interested in Klim gear i recommend you contact Alex at Black Hills Moto

    Call him, he responds well to his phone. He gives good deals to riders.
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    I've had both. I liked the Klim better than the BMW, for fit and protection.

    That said, my wife just ordered a set of gear from Motoport. They have a couple different fabrics and protection levels, and custom build it for your measurements. We happened to be in So Cal on vacation, and she got measured directly. I had Motoport pants for a while, and use with my Klim jacket.
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    First Gear Kilimanjaro

    I commute everyday in the PNW. I invested in a First Gear Kilimanjaro set with Hi-Vis jacket. Its not a warm weather set and it needs a upper body base layer or sweatshirt when below 40 degrees but it keeps the rain out like a champ.

    For warmer and dry days I choose my Klim induction mesh Hi-Vis jacket

    For boots I usually reach for my Alpinestars J-cult dry star sneakers. Good enough for casual riding and comfortable enough to wear around the office. They don't have any ankle crush protection so i wouldn't advise and adventure or long haul riding but that is the trade off for a sneaker.

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