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Thread: PIAA light switch wiring

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    PIAA light switch wiring

    Hope somebody here with more electrical knowledge than me (which isn't much) can point me in the right direction. I'm trying to add aux/running lights to my K1200gt. As many of you may know, PIAA used to make a "plug & play" kit for the K1200rs/gt bikes, but that kit is long obsolete. I'm trying to duplicate it with some cheap import lights and a wiring kit. My problem: I'm trying to use a PIAA press on/press off switch like the ones that were in the obsolete kit. But the PIAA switch I have has three wires coming out of it, Black, White, and a Red one in the middle of the connector. The generic wiring kit has a simple two-wire switch which is far too large to use on the K bike, it's made for a tubular handlebar, so I've no place to put it. When I use the two-wire switch, the lights come on. I didn't want to start cutting connectors off until I had the wiring figured out. I've tried using jumpers from the two-wire harness to the white and black wires on the PIAA switch and nothing happens. What is the red wire for? The PIAA switch has a small led on it, I just assumed the red wire was to power that showing on or off. I took the backing plate off the PIAA switch and was surprised to see a rather complex small circuit board inside. Any idea how to wire up the three wire PIAA switch to the two-wire harness? Don't really care if the led works or not. Here is a picture of the switch, you can see the three wire connector.
    PIAA Switch.jpg
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    The PIAA switch is designed to be used with the PIAA relay, which IMHO is a poor example of a relay. The circuit board inside the switch controls the red/green indication on the switch.

    There are lots of surface-mount switches available from electronics vendors, so Id recommend ditching the PIAA relay and switch and using a generic relay with a surface-mount switch of your choice. You can probably find a lighted one, if thats critical for you, or you can wire an indicator light into the unused slot at the lower left corner of the indicator light pod on the dash. I use an Autoswitch on my K1200GT, with the indicator LED of the Autoswitch tucked into the dash pod.

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    Im with DeVern on the Autoswitch.
    I have one on our K1200RS.
    Connected to a set of led lights it works as advertised.
    I can send pictures at the end of this week if you want.

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