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Thread: Harley riders don't ride much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by akbeemer View Post
    So, you were a one precenter.
    Less than that, with the Shortster.
    Paul Glaves - "Big Bend", Texas U.S.A
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    Had a buddy back in the late 80’s and all the 90’s who averaged between 30 and 40 thousand miles a year. Traded his bike in every year on a new one. Back then Harley’s held their value, he got his money back every year. Then one year the trade value went the other way. Pissed him off; I just shugged. Too bad, dude. I rode a couple of times with him, he rode way to fast. Told him, his days of riding were numbered. He laughed, thought it was funny. A short time later, riding to fast at night he was killed in a deer strike.

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    More Harleys on the road than any others

    Here in Western Canada I see far more Harleys on the road than the other bikes combined ..

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    Quote Originally Posted by PoorUB View Post
    He just finished up with a bit over 101,000 miles in 100 days.
    Just over 1000 miles every day for 100 days. Not impossible but I have to wonder. At 60 mph you are on the road for 17 hours and that does not include gas, food and bathroom breaks. I've done a few thousand milers, but at the speed limit on single lane roads. Tiring and not safe the older you get.

    But I did have a friend ride up from Santiago, Chile to Montreal, Canada on his HD.

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