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Thread: 1991 K75 RT , checking splines ??

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    Nick Kennedy
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    I use this method. Then put a hoseclamp on the exposed driveshaft end and pop it out with a lever
    Lube spines and reassemble

    1990 K75RT

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    Quote Originally Posted by xcaret View Post
    Thanks for all the information , I not only know how to check the slpines now , but which greaes to use ..
    One question , shipping anything from US to Canada costs a fortune , ie. I checked the price on a fuel filter , shipping was $34 US for one in tank filter ,which cost less ,
    Would the BMW dealers not carry the correct spline grease ? I can call them, but thought I'd ask here first ,and not buy an inferior product possibly , ( no one mentioned that ,so I'm curious why not)
    You are in Alberta, correct? If you don't mind me asking, where are you trying to get parts from?


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