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Thread: Install Parabellum windshield on 1972 /5

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    Quote Originally Posted by erictucker123 View Post
    Thanks for the info, but I got it this am. I thought I would give it a couple of more attempts on the way in from Church. Didn't have much luck and thought I would do what I saw someone post who advised getting up on the pegs and giving it all your weight. I have the bike on a lift and with the handle bars off, didn't want to attempt to back it off, and putting it up on the center stand was also a bit of a challenge as I had ratchet straps tied to each side, front and back, and the front wheel was in a chock. I didn't have the front straps too tight as I didn't want to compress them, but there was weight on the wheel so I figured it might be better to get all weight off as it was probably pushing the spring up just enough to make it so I couldn't get threads started. I put a small scissor type bike lift under the bike and jacked it up enough to take the weight off the tire and the spring sunk at least 1 1/2" into the fork. It still took quite a bit to compress it enough, but I finally managed to get the threads to start and get the nut on. I also found that screwing the cap onto the nut gave me a bigger surface to push on and with no sharp edges like the nut has, gave me a much better surface to push on. It was also nice and smooth to be allow easy turning while pushing it down with the palm of my other hand. The little jack/lift proved to be very handy. Now to do the other one. I read somewhere, info on the new springs boxes I think, that only the left fork needed a spacer, so I am hoping that is right.

    Thanks for the input....may get it all back together in time to take one more ride before it snows. BTW, Parabellum could use some better installation instructions, what they send with the windshield leaves a lot to be desired. I wasn't 100% sure that I had the correct attachment piece for the left side, so I had to put attachment on the windshield and loose fit it over the headlight to make sure I had the correct piece before tightening the fork nut on top of it. However, it might not be in the correct spot to fit the screen correctly, so may have to loosen it again. Since I can only do 1 fork at a time, it would be nice to get it right the first time.
    Slash 5 forks require exactly the same setup on either side. Anything to the contrary is wrong. I don't mean to be stern, but that is flat dangerous information.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pauls1150 View Post
    As far as I can recall, the /5 forks get equal innards.
    You may be thinking of certain K bikes; for example., the K75S has different guts in each leg.
    You can see a decent picture on the MAX website -
    Slide over to "Parts" at the top, then pull down to "Classic Parts Fiche".
    The R75/5 is toward the right, second column from the right and about half-way down.
    Where it says R75/5 is an active link.
    Click on that, then near the top center of the new page, select section 31 Front Suspension.
    Clicking on the picture in the left column brings up a larger picture and the parts list in the right column.

    I found where I read this, but I "mis-read" it, and/or misunderstood it. It was on some paperwork from
    Progressive Suspension that I received with all the replaced parts of the bike, which included the fork springs. This listed 20 "Fork Spring Notes" at the end of their installation instructions. These "notes" were all different, and I believe were for different types of springs and I cannot find which notes refer to any particular make, model, or year of bike. I guess I read these quickly and just assumed they applied to my bike as they were in the Progressive box with the old springs. The last note said to remove the stock spacer and discard it as no spacer is needed for the right fork. More attentive reading showed that they also said that this particular bike had two different fork legs, hence the discarding of the spacer. I now see in another part of the document they are referring to "Off road spring's specs".

    I apologize for my hasty reading and assuming that what I was reading was applicable to what I was doing. I do need new reading glasses, maybe I can blame it on that.

    Thanks to all, and I now have the bike back together, new Parabellum screen in place, and took it for a test run in 35 F weather and I did like this screen, despite all the hoops I had to jump through, the new tools I had to buy for the install, and the occasional frustration, it was all a learning experience and in 5-6 months it may warm up enough to get out again. At least this last run I didn't have any bugs to clean off the screen, that's a plus.

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