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Thread: 2022 r1250rs

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    2022 r1250rs

    Close to buying one and watched the videos. I really like it but curious about true experience riding all day. I had a RT. I'm 5'11" and older. Is it comfy enough?

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    I thought the ride was the same however with less protection the fatigue factor goes up over longer days
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    Welcome to the forum.
    Both my wife and I have a 2016 R1200RS and find it comfortable for long days.
    I'm 6' and my wife is 5' 10" Both of us are 65.

    In the next week we'll pick up a couple 2022 R1250RSs from Engle Motors in Kansas City.
    We bought this color
    2022 R1250RS Light White (1).jpg

    If you or the dealer did not order one in August you may have to do without ESA. The suspension factory in Germany was damaged in a flood and starting the end of August or the first of September the R1250RS and R1250R were shipped without ESA.
    Our bikes were built Aug 24 and 25th with ESA.

    I should add that most of our bikes have been S or RS models so we are used to that type of bike.
    2022 R1250RS
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