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Thread: on my 1991 K75 Which port on my fuel filter goes where ?

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    on my 1991 K75 Which port on my fuel filter goes where ?

    I removed my fuel filter on my fuel injected 1991 K75 RT ,and didn't look to see which end went where .. the filter goes between a steel pipe leading to the bottom left front corner of the tank, and a long hose that goes to the fuel pump.. Can someone point the way please ?

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    The arrow points toward the shorter 3" long hose that connects to the pipe on the bottom of the tank. The long (about 12") hose on the other end goes to the top of the fuel pump.

    Fuel goes out of the top of the pump, through the filter in the direction of the arrow into the tube on the bottom of the tank, out the tube on the left side of the tank (the rear one), into the front of the fuel rail, out the back of the fuel rail to the pressure regulator, out the regulator back into the tank tube on the left side (the front one).


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    Thanks for the fuel line explanation..

    Thank you , That was a more complete explanation than my maual gives . Thank you for taking the time to explain the routing .

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