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Thread: BMW R1250GS Limp Mode

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    BMW R1250GS Limp Mode

    Hi guys and girls. I’m sure that quite a few of you have had your bikes go into limp mode. The confusing thing for me is that after my bike went into limp mode but. thing came back to life withing a couple of hundred metres.
    I took it for it’s service the next week and it did not show any ERROR with what had happened when plugged in.
    Has anyone had this happen and did it throw up an Error code with your workshop? It has only happed once in 500klms. My bikes doe 16,400klms so far with not other worries. (10,190 miles)
    On a side note the dealer lent me a F900R to use while my bike was in the workshop for about 4 hours. What a hoot, super lite and it felt tiny.
    Bruce from Wagga Wagga Australia

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    Welcome to the forum, Bruce! I don't have any specifics, but check through a few of the threads in the Similar Threads pane below...there are others that have talked about the limp mode.
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    Welcome to the forum!

    Since your problem is model specific, and your bike is a Wethead, I am going to move your post to the Wethead section where those that are more familiar with that model will give you the information that you're looking for. The Motorad section is for general motorcycling conversations, not bike specific.

    The year of your bike might be pertinent, so if you could include that, it would be a good idea.


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