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Thread: Dealers not servicing older bikes?

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    Just an idea. . . . .

    Quote Originally Posted by PoorUB View Post
    I had this explained to me from the owner of a HD dealership. He said they keep very busy working on new bikes with owners that trade often. He also said they don't work on older bikes because they can have an older bike come in and it turns into a serious problem and the repairs "total" the bike and they can't recover the shop expense. Plus guys will bring in a bike, they spend a couple hours working on it preparing and estimate, it is "totaled" and the customer never picks it up. So now they have a couple hours of labor, and a junk bike to deal with. More likely to happen on a $5,000 ride that a $20,000 or $30,000 ride.
    One answer for all this is simple. When I ran my own repair shop. I had many folks ask me to look at their XYZ bike that they had. No one else would touch it as it was to old. I would simply offer to take it in, provided they brought the bike in and left a $3000.00 deposit. I offered to meticulously keep track of the hours to diagnose the problems and give them a written estimate, in detail. Most folks balked at that because "I only gave $500.00 (or another dollar amount) and they refused to give me the deposit. I then told them "I thought you were serious about getting it fixed". I could put 5, 10 or more hours into the bike and if they said no thanks. I would refund the deposit, minus my labor.
    Plan worked fine.

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    There are ways

    I was a auto mechanic back in the day when five year old cars dissolved into piles of rust. I never had a problem telling a customer they would be putting more money into a car than it was worth turning them away if they didn't agree.

    I don't really think we are talking about the issue of dealerships turning away poorly maintained or abused vehicles here. I would like to think the majority of BMW owners take good care of their bikes and do their best to keep them in top shape.

    Sadly, I do know this is not always the case as I see a lot of Previous owner's disease contracted by second or third owners of BMW airhead bikes. They get stuck with the bag when they can't find a shop to fix things the previous owner did or didn't do. I can't blame a shop owner for not wanting to work on some of these bikes the risk of getting stuck with an abandoned bike or a big unpaid bill is real.

    Anyway, I know how mad I got when my new to me dealership that replaced my dealership told me to buy a bike from them or don't bother them. On top of the your bike is too old. It turned me off of BMW or at least the new ones. I wouldn't buy a new bike from the new dealer for all the tea in China and I sure wasn't going to travel four hours from home to buy one either.

    My airheads have lasted the tests of time and I continue to ride them despite BMW dealership nonsense. I do thank BMW for keeping parts available longer than other companies. If you have a dealership that supports you, support them, they are worth gold. St.

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