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Thread: 1996 R1100R Fuel pump

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    1996 R1100R Fuel pump

    I have replaced the fuel pump (and filter) from the Beemerboneyard.
    At first I was worried that a new pump is noticeably louder. Today, after refueling (so, I've used about 3 gal on the new pump) it was not only whining, but outright rattling.
    What did I mess up? Is it the part, or something else?


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    Did you replace the vibration damper?

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    I do not remember...
    Whatever was in the kit, plus filter.

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    One thing to be careful of when installing is making sure that the fuel pump plate is oriented the right way. It's very possible to mount the plate so that it's angled upwards 60 degrees from where it's supposed to be, which puts the fuel pump inlet above the fuel level on anything but a full tank.

    I made this mistake myself the first time I replaced my pump -- it's actually easier to install the pump the wrong way in my fuel tank (which is identical to yours) than it is to install it correctly. You have to fiddle a lot to squeeze the fuel pump and the float into the correct position. When I made this mistake on my bike the fuel pump made a horrendous noise all the time and my fuel light didn't work properly. It was half on all the time.

    That pump I installed incorrectly only lasted 50 miles, so you may want to double-check that the plate is in the correct position before you start the bike again.
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